This is not a comprehensive glossary, it only goes over the terms and acronyms which are usually unfamiliar to new spankos.


Christian Domestic Discipline. A variant of Domestic Discipline which is generally of two types:


Domestic Discipline. The practice of spanking in the home for disciplinary purposes.

Hard-Wired Spanko

A spanko whose interest in spanking is both un-chosen and enduring.


Adult Female Spanking Adult Female


Adult Female Spanking Adult Male


Head of Household.


Loving Domestic Discipline


Adult Male Spanking Adult Female


Adult Male Spanking Adult Male


Over-the-knee. A spanking position wherein the spankee is turned over the spanker's knee.

Safeword (or safety gesture)

An agreed-upon method of communication which, when invoked, stops the scene immediately. The scene does not resume until the person who used it confirms they are ready to resume, if at all.

Note: The author of this site discourages the use of safewords for beginner play and instead recommends that any indication to stop should be respected. The practice of a safeword assumes that any other protest is ignored during a spanking, which is only safe to do once the spanking partners have taken the time and effort to learn each other's limits, limitations, and reactions quite well.


A term which refers to the entirety of a spanking, including lecture, corner time, etc.

Spanko Purist

Someone for whom spanking is their only "kink" (as opposed to other activities such as flogging, figging, bondage, etc).


Taken In Hand. Generally used to denote the complementary role to "Head of Household".


This Thing We Do. A popular and subtle way of referring to being a spanko.


A term used to refer to anyone or anything non-spanko (ie a vanilla partner or a vanilla relationship).